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Angel & Fairy Brooches

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Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB99)Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB99)
Angel Brooch Accented with Austrian Crystals in Goldtones 1.25 in
Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB98)Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB98)
Rhinestone Angel Brooch Accented in Goldtones 1.75 in
Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB95)Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB95)
Angel Brooch with Rhinetones Accented in Silvertones 1.75 in 
Angel Brooch (SKU: SOLB874)Angel Brooch (SKU: SOLB874)
Silvertone Angel Brooch Accented with Clear Rhinestones 2 in
Angel Brooch (SKU: SOLB873)Angel Brooch (SKU: SOLB873)
Silvertone Angel Brooch Accented with Clear Rhinestones 1 in
Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB798)Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB798)
Silvertone Angel Brooch Accented Ivory Enamel with White Bead 2.25 in
Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB797)Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB797)
Goldtone Angel Brooch Accented with Faux Pearls & Iridescent Rhinestones 2 in
Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB76)Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB76)
Faux Pearl & Rhinestone Angel Accented in Silvertones 1 in
Angel Brooch (SKU: SOLB720)Angel Brooch (SKU: SOLB720)
"KISSING ANGELS" Accented in Brasstones 2 in
Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB619)Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB619)
Silvertone Kissing Angel Brooch 2.25 in
Fairy Brooches (SKU: SOLB53)Fairy Brooches (SKU: SOLB53)
Goldtone Fairy Brooch Accented with Rhinestones 3 in
Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB51)Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB51)
Angel Brooch Accented with Austrian Crystals in Goldtones 2 in
Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB243)Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB243)
Goldtone Angel Brooch Accented with Faux Pearls & Rhinestones 1 in
Fairy Brooches (SKU: SOLB139)Fairy Brooches (SKU: SOLB139)
Silvertone Fairy Brooch Accented with Rhinestones 3 in
Angel Brooch (SKU: SOLB1033)Angel Brooch (SKU: SOLB1033)
Silvertone Angel Brooch Accented with Clear Rhinestone 1.25 in
Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB101)Angel Brooches (SKU: SOLB101)
Angel Brooch Accented with Rhinestones in Silvertones 1.75 in
Whimz Girl Broooches