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  1. Style expert Eddie Ross shows you how to transform vintage brooches into gorgeous napkin rings.
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    " WhimZ Trailer Boutique " WhimZ at a recent event meeting up with our customers. 
    So GREAT to meet our customers in person and help them with their jewelry and accessory selections. 
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  4. WhimZ Girls Brooches Blog April
    Easter is a huge sign that Spring is here or is at least on it's way! We have all breathed a huge sigh of relief here in the UK as I am sure you have done also all over the world. It's been a long time coming but boy are we glad it is here. What better way to celebrate the coming of the shiny new season than with pretty flowers? Showing your love for all things natural is even more poignant for those living in the bigger crowded cities. It's a chance to wear a little piece of nature on your person everyday.
    I personally adore anything floral and feminine, so as you can imagine love the collection of pieces at WhimZ Girl Brooches!  

    Goldtone Pink Flower Brooch Accented With Pink Iridescent Rhinestones ( 2.5 In. )
    SKU SOLB 1133  $15.00
    It's big bold and most of all it's pink, I love this gigantic blooming rose brooch. It is so vibrant especially with the cluster of pink iridescent rhinestones in the middle of the flower. The two leaves and rose are crafted so beautifully that one has to take a second glance to realise that it's not a real life rose. Instead of a bunch of roses why not gift that special lady (or yourself) with a flower that will last forever? This essential brooch is one that I believe that all Whimz girls should have in their jewellery box.  

    Goldtone Brooch accented with Amber Crystal and Multi Colour Rhinestones (3 in)
    SKU SOLB594  $24.00
    Want something a little on the unusual side when it comes to your floral jewellery? I love the glittering qualities found in this piece. Perhaps it is the gold tone or the hundreds of tiny rhinestones fixed onto the petals themselves that make it amazing?  The centre piece of the Amber crystal give this brooch the design a real magical feel. Wear it on your coats for the chilly days, be unusual with it and wear your flower brooch on your handbag to work. A lovely way to add elegance to a block colour handbag. You can also get this brooch design in a  silver tone version complete with a clear crystal.  

    Red Floral "FAUX LEATHER" Brooch 4"
    SKU SOLB462  $18.00
    We at WhimZ Brooches love our alternative styled jewellery, we know that a good piece of jewellery can be a little on the quirky and unusual side too! For example we also have brooches made from leather. This adorable red flower brooch is made from the softest leather. The material gives the petals a great life-like quality. Again like the other floral brooches that I love at Whimz, here is a flower that will never die or fade out. It will always look as fresh as the day you first wore it. Wear on your collar or even in your hair if you are feeling very creative!
    There are many more fabulous floral brooches for you to choose from on the Whimz Brooches website. 
  5. Whimz Girls Brooches 
    Greetings once again from a grey and murky United Kingdom, and hoping that glorious summer sunshine is shining over you all! If it’s not, do not worry- it’s no reason not to add a splash of colour into your wardrobe. It hasn’t stopped her Majesty the Queen during her Diamond Jubilee Celebrations last week. She was spotted wearing a brooch with every single one of her outfits. One of the earliest examples of this practice is her honeymoon photograph with Prince Phillip. Taken in 1947 the second official Wedding Anniversary edition was commissioned 60 years to the day in 2007.
    There are a number of intentional similarities between the two photographs, with the Queen herself wearing a simple double stranded necklace of pearls and an oval shaped brooch on her left lapel. Said to have been presented to Queen Victoria by her husband-to-be Prince Albert before their wedding day- the brooch was a very poignant piece of jewellery to be wearing in both photographs.
    It’s speaks of longevity and style being combined, the preciousness of jewellery. Simple in design the brooch itself has stood the test of time; much like the Monarch herself.
    Whimz Girls know the importance well; the selection on offer at Whimz Girls Brooches is unparalleled with thousands of designs to choose from. However if you are looking for something a little bit regal then why not try the following small selection of brooches I have handpicked from the collection?
    Vintage Style Silvertone Brooch accentuated with Rhinestones SKU SOLB406* $18.00
    A perfect splash of crystal for your collar, jacket breast or even formal clutch bag, this design of brooch is universal in its appeal and could probably be put anywhere on your outfit and look amazing! The silver toned bow design is perfect and subtly feminine while not totally fading into the background.
    Light Blue Flower Brooch Accented With a Silvertone Zipper SKU SOLB3244 $15.00
    Whether you want to go for the vintage inspired look or a more updated one, Whimz Girls Brooches have great ranges of era-inspired styles too. So there’s no reason why you can’t experiment with your outfit and try a variety of looks. The fabulous aspect of brooches is that they can be inspired by eveything; flowers for example are fantastic inspiration for designers and as a result we have recently seen an emergence of corsage styles. Whimz Girl Brooches have cool selection of wonderful designs from you to choose from.  I adore how fabric and other unconventional materials for jewellery can make for a wonderful brooch! The Girls at Whimz have got it spot on yet again!
    Modern Aqua Blue & Coral Bead Brooch SKU SOLB37 $10.00
    This multi-layered brooch uses the faceted light green beads to reflect light as any other precious jewel would do. The combination of the coral against the greens is stunning and an unusual but successful colour combination. This stunning piece would be fantastic worn on any contrasting lapel to stand out as a neo-1960’s look. Check out rest of the collection for more great inspiration and super style ideas!   
  6. Whimz Girls Brooches for May/June
    It’s no surprise that all things vintage are very back in vogue right now. And who could resist the allure of the most versatile style of jewellery around? One of the aspects of Vintage brooches that I have fallen head over heels in love with is the Cameo style brooch.
    Cameo’s have been dated back to Ancient Greece, where they were worn as a way of keeping a record of a person’s profile. For example in ancient Alexandria the Cameo was also used as a powerful statement as to where their loyalties lay: Who they supported in politics. 
    During Elizabethan times, Women of higher social standing collected cameos and wore them to make a grand statement when attending social events. Later by the 1700’s men wore cameos depicting military leaders such as Bonaparte among others. It is widely known that Napoleon himself wore such a cameo to his own wedding; impressed with it, he loved his cameo so much and eventually founded a school where young apprentices were taught the very same art of carving. Much later in 1805 Italian carvers graduating in the art began to use the template of the cameo to incorporate their own designs. They soon became highly desirable pieces of jewellery to own especially for the aristocracy. Cameo brooch design has stood the test of time and its lasting attraction goes on to this day.
    Whimz Girl Brooches offers a stunning line in Vintage style Cameo brooches. I love this crown design. It really does go with that regal look and history of the Cameo.                            
    Goldtone Crown Cameo Brooch Accented with Amber & Iridescent Rhinestones (1.5 in)
    SKU SOLB942 $16.00
    I simply adore this glamorous Orange/Pink Cameo brooch. It’s an extravagant piece with real bling to go with it. Surrounded with an immaculate row of rhinestones this feminine piece would be perfect when worn on the upper breast of any vintage pea style coat. For instant and unusual glamour why not try pinning it to one edge of your oversized tote bag or on one shoe? The possibilities are really endless with this pretty cameo brooch. 

    Orange and Goldtone Vintage Style Cameo Brooch accented with Rhinestones 1.5" x 2"
    SKUSOLB469 $15.00
    Cameos are known to come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of different styles. I love the asymmetric look of this light green highly detailed designed brooch, its unusual and its daintiness really makes it a lovely feminine piece. Small enough to look inconspicuous between your collars, but cute enough to make a real Whimz Girl statement!

    Vintage Style Silvertone Light Green Cameo Accented with Rhinestones (2 in )
    SKUSOLB939 $10.00
    Anyone of these pieces or all of them will be a fantastic acquisition to your wardrobe. A perfect time to experiment with your own personal style, they are well worth the investment as vintage style is going to be around for some time to come.
  7. Whimz Girls Brooches – Blog post for May
    Description: C:\Users\Rajiv\Downloads\Elizabeth-Taylor.jpg
    What a month it has been in the world of Jewellery and in particular for brooches. We have seen the auctioning off of the late great Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewels at the beginning of April. And what spectacular pieces they are! She had a collection of jewellery that could have given the British crown jewels a run for its money! They really were a sight to behold and a wonder of the modern fashion world. Among all the dazzling array of jewellery one piece in particular caught my eye. The reason was that it was, yes you’ve guessed it...a brooch. This piece was given to Elizabeth Taylor by the also late Michael Jackson; a simple Bow design encrusted with diamonds was designed and made by Van Cleef and Arpels.

    Theirs was a strong friendship that lasted for many years, the world’s most beautiful Hollywood star with one of the most talented and controversial entertainers. It really was the sort of thing that only really happens in the movies! Yes the two were close buddies and everyone knew it. I can’t help but wonder if this brooch was given to Elizabeth as a sign of their bond? Perhaps when she wore it on certain occasions he would know that she was thinking about him? If this is the case then the humble style of jewellery now had a whole new meaning to it. This to me signified the real importance of the brooch and how valuable it really is because of the deep bond between the two.  This piece of Jewellery is now something much more than gold and sparkling diamonds.  It most likely was worth more than all the money in the world for the giver and receiver of the brooch. It’s a truly wonderful thing to know that the person who has bought such a timeless piece of jewellery bought it with thought and heartfelt emotion.
    Watching the auction it was as crystal clear as any of the gemmed sparklers on display that day at Christies that the Hollywood star loved gifts. The screen siren collected some of the most beautiful earrings and brooches, necklace sets that are in existence. Some of these pieces were hundreds of years old before she bought them. It really proves the lasting nature of jewellery. We WhimZ girls appreciate and love our jewellery too, for are we not also stars in our own right?
     WhimZ girl’s brooches prize personal styles above all else like the great lady herself did. We have a huge array of gemmed sparkling brooches available to purchase. Although we can’t guarantee they will fetch millions at auction we do know that when searching for that special gift that a brooch is a terrific idea! Take a look at the various designs that WhimZ Girls Brooches have. That lucky someone will be pleased to receive a glamorous gift from you, or perhaps you would like to keep it for yourself? And there is nothing wrong with that at all!

  8. WhimZ Girls Brooches April Blog
    One of the things I adore about Brooches is that wonderful vintage style it can often evoke. Yes they can be very modern and be put on shoes or handbags and look fabulous. But how about going back to source of how these pieces became so popular. Many of the leading ladies in politics and entertainment have donned such iconic pieces on the upper breast of their outfits. The brooch is almost a regal symbol Meryl Streep wore various pieces as part of her portrayal of  ex British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the Iron Lady.  An intricately made jewelled piece with the right outfit can really give an air of sophistication and elegance.

    More closer to home and we have seen First Lady Michelle Obama sport a brooch on many an important occasion. Along with wonderfully chic outfits the chosen brooches ad flair to her already jovial personality! Real inspiration from across the pond!

    We at WhimZ Girls Brooches know the importance of this small and sometimes overlooked piece of jewellery, and what effect the right one can have on the overall appearance of an outfit.
    I have picked a few fantastic examples from the many different designs that we at WhimZ Girls Brooches offer.
    Goldtone Brooch With Clear & Iridescent Rhinestones ( 2.5 In. ) SKU SOLB 1148 $14.00

    Is a wonderful example of how you too can also recreate this more regal look, subtle in design but sparkly this eye-catching piece is guaranteed to be noticed on any lapel or chest! Worn on a fitted cardigan will show it off and add grace to your look. 
    Rhinestone Blue
    Vintage Style Goldtone Aqua and Teal Blue Rhinestone Brooch (3 inches) SKU SOLB 3111
     $ 28.00

    This peacock blue piece dazzles and enchants, the richness of the colours to me evokes images of pieces that her majesty the Queen Elizabeth II has worn to many a state occasion. There is something so ostentatious about the oval shape and way in which it perches itself on one’s clothing and looks right at home.
    Want something a little different but still very stylish. Try this on your denim jacket!
    Vintage Style Cameo Brooch Accented With Clear & Iridescent Rhinestones ( 2.5 In. )
    SKU SOLB 1101          $20.00
    With this gorgeous piece of vintage style jewellery you would instantly ooze elegance and grace. How could anyone fail to notice such an unusual but evocative piece? You don’t see brooches like this every day right! It’s as individual in design as the WhimZ girl who wears it! And let’s face it every WhimZ girl is her own person with her own fantastic sense of style to go with it!

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