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Whimz Girls Brooches – Blog post for May
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What a month it has been in the world of Jewellery and in particular for brooches. We have seen the auctioning off of the late great Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewels at the beginning of April. And what spectacular pieces they are! She had a collection of jewellery that could have given the British crown jewels a run for its money! They really were a sight to behold and a wonder of the modern fashion world. Among all the dazzling array of jewellery one piece in particular caught my eye. The reason was that it was, yes you’ve guessed it...a brooch. This piece was given to Elizabeth Taylor by the also late Michael Jackson; a simple Bow design encrusted with diamonds was designed and made by Van Cleef and Arpels.

Theirs was a strong friendship that lasted for many years, the world’s most beautiful Hollywood star with one of the most talented and controversial entertainers. It really was the sort of thing that only really happens in the movies! Yes the two were close buddies and everyone knew it. I can’t help but wonder if this brooch was given to Elizabeth as a sign of their bond? Perhaps when she wore it on certain occasions he would know that she was thinking about him? If this is the case then the humble style of jewellery now had a whole new meaning to it. This to me signified the real importance of the brooch and how valuable it really is because of the deep bond between the two.  This piece of Jewellery is now something much more than gold and sparkling diamonds.  It most likely was worth more than all the money in the world for the giver and receiver of the brooch. It’s a truly wonderful thing to know that the person who has bought such a timeless piece of jewellery bought it with thought and heartfelt emotion.
Watching the auction it was as crystal clear as any of the gemmed sparklers on display that day at Christies that the Hollywood star loved gifts. The screen siren collected some of the most beautiful earrings and brooches, necklace sets that are in existence. Some of these pieces were hundreds of years old before she bought them. It really proves the lasting nature of jewellery. We WhimZ girls appreciate and love our jewellery too, for are we not also stars in our own right?
 WhimZ girl’s brooches prize personal styles above all else like the great lady herself did. We have a huge array of gemmed sparkling brooches available to purchase. Although we can’t guarantee they will fetch millions at auction we do know that when searching for that special gift that a brooch is a terrific idea! Take a look at the various designs that WhimZ Girls Brooches have. That lucky someone will be pleased to receive a glamorous gift from you, or perhaps you would like to keep it for yourself? And there is nothing wrong with that at all!
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