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WhimZ Girls Brooches April Blog
One of the things I adore about Brooches is that wonderful vintage style it can often evoke. Yes they can be very modern and be put on shoes or handbags and look fabulous. But how about going back to source of how these pieces became so popular. Many of the leading ladies in politics and entertainment have donned such iconic pieces on the upper breast of their outfits. The brooch is almost a regal symbol Meryl Streep wore various pieces as part of her portrayal of  ex British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the Iron Lady.  An intricately made jewelled piece with the right outfit can really give an air of sophistication and elegance.

More closer to home and we have seen First Lady Michelle Obama sport a brooch on many an important occasion. Along with wonderfully chic outfits the chosen brooches ad flair to her already jovial personality! Real inspiration from across the pond!

We at WhimZ Girls Brooches know the importance of this small and sometimes overlooked piece of jewellery, and what effect the right one can have on the overall appearance of an outfit.
I have picked a few fantastic examples from the many different designs that we at WhimZ Girls Brooches offer.
Goldtone Brooch With Clear & Iridescent Rhinestones ( 2.5 In. ) SKU SOLB 1148 $14.00

Is a wonderful example of how you too can also recreate this more regal look, subtle in design but sparkly this eye-catching piece is guaranteed to be noticed on any lapel or chest! Worn on a fitted cardigan will show it off and add grace to your look. 
Rhinestone Blue
Vintage Style Goldtone Aqua and Teal Blue Rhinestone Brooch (3 inches) SKU SOLB 3111
 $ 28.00

This peacock blue piece dazzles and enchants, the richness of the colours to me evokes images of pieces that her majesty the Queen Elizabeth II has worn to many a state occasion. There is something so ostentatious about the oval shape and way in which it perches itself on one’s clothing and looks right at home.
Want something a little different but still very stylish. Try this on your denim jacket!
Vintage Style Cameo Brooch Accented With Clear & Iridescent Rhinestones ( 2.5 In. )
SKU SOLB 1101          $20.00
With this gorgeous piece of vintage style jewellery you would instantly ooze elegance and grace. How could anyone fail to notice such an unusual but evocative piece? You don’t see brooches like this every day right! It’s as individual in design as the WhimZ girl who wears it! And let’s face it every WhimZ girl is her own person with her own fantastic sense of style to go with it!

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