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Whimz Girls Brooches for May/June
It’s no surprise that all things vintage are very back in vogue right now. And who could resist the allure of the most versatile style of jewellery around? One of the aspects of Vintage brooches that I have fallen head over heels in love with is the Cameo style brooch.
Cameo’s have been dated back to Ancient Greece, where they were worn as a way of keeping a record of a person’s profile. For example in ancient Alexandria the Cameo was also used as a powerful statement as to where their loyalties lay: Who they supported in politics. 
During Elizabethan times, Women of higher social standing collected cameos and wore them to make a grand statement when attending social events. Later by the 1700’s men wore cameos depicting military leaders such as Bonaparte among others. It is widely known that Napoleon himself wore such a cameo to his own wedding; impressed with it, he loved his cameo so much and eventually founded a school where young apprentices were taught the very same art of carving. Much later in 1805 Italian carvers graduating in the art began to use the template of the cameo to incorporate their own designs. They soon became highly desirable pieces of jewellery to own especially for the aristocracy. Cameo brooch design has stood the test of time and its lasting attraction goes on to this day.
Whimz Girl Brooches offers a stunning line in Vintage style Cameo brooches. I love this crown design. It really does go with that regal look and history of the Cameo.                            
Goldtone Crown Cameo Brooch Accented with Amber & Iridescent Rhinestones (1.5 in)
SKU SOLB942 $16.00
I simply adore this glamorous Orange/Pink Cameo brooch. It’s an extravagant piece with real bling to go with it. Surrounded with an immaculate row of rhinestones this feminine piece would be perfect when worn on the upper breast of any vintage pea style coat. For instant and unusual glamour why not try pinning it to one edge of your oversized tote bag or on one shoe? The possibilities are really endless with this pretty cameo brooch. 

Orange and Goldtone Vintage Style Cameo Brooch accented with Rhinestones 1.5" x 2"
SKUSOLB469 $15.00
Cameos are known to come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of different styles. I love the asymmetric look of this light green highly detailed designed brooch, its unusual and its daintiness really makes it a lovely feminine piece. Small enough to look inconspicuous between your collars, but cute enough to make a real Whimz Girl statement!

Vintage Style Silvertone Light Green Cameo Accented with Rhinestones (2 in )
SKUSOLB939 $10.00
Anyone of these pieces or all of them will be a fantastic acquisition to your wardrobe. A perfect time to experiment with your own personal style, they are well worth the investment as vintage style is going to be around for some time to come.
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