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Whimz Girls Brooches 
Greetings once again from a grey and murky United Kingdom, and hoping that glorious summer sunshine is shining over you all! If it’s not, do not worry- it’s no reason not to add a splash of colour into your wardrobe. It hasn’t stopped her Majesty the Queen during her Diamond Jubilee Celebrations last week. She was spotted wearing a brooch with every single one of her outfits. One of the earliest examples of this practice is her honeymoon photograph with Prince Phillip. Taken in 1947 the second official Wedding Anniversary edition was commissioned 60 years to the day in 2007.
There are a number of intentional similarities between the two photographs, with the Queen herself wearing a simple double stranded necklace of pearls and an oval shaped brooch on her left lapel. Said to have been presented to Queen Victoria by her husband-to-be Prince Albert before their wedding day- the brooch was a very poignant piece of jewellery to be wearing in both photographs.
It’s speaks of longevity and style being combined, the preciousness of jewellery. Simple in design the brooch itself has stood the test of time; much like the Monarch herself.
Whimz Girls know the importance well; the selection on offer at Whimz Girls Brooches is unparalleled with thousands of designs to choose from. However if you are looking for something a little bit regal then why not try the following small selection of brooches I have handpicked from the collection?
Vintage Style Silvertone Brooch accentuated with Rhinestones SKU SOLB406* $18.00
A perfect splash of crystal for your collar, jacket breast or even formal clutch bag, this design of brooch is universal in its appeal and could probably be put anywhere on your outfit and look amazing! The silver toned bow design is perfect and subtly feminine while not totally fading into the background.
Light Blue Flower Brooch Accented With a Silvertone Zipper SKU SOLB3244 $15.00
Whether you want to go for the vintage inspired look or a more updated one, Whimz Girls Brooches have great ranges of era-inspired styles too. So there’s no reason why you can’t experiment with your outfit and try a variety of looks. The fabulous aspect of brooches is that they can be inspired by eveything; flowers for example are fantastic inspiration for designers and as a result we have recently seen an emergence of corsage styles. Whimz Girl Brooches have cool selection of wonderful designs from you to choose from.  I adore how fabric and other unconventional materials for jewellery can make for a wonderful brooch! The Girls at Whimz have got it spot on yet again!
Modern Aqua Blue & Coral Bead Brooch SKU SOLB37 $10.00
This multi-layered brooch uses the faceted light green beads to reflect light as any other precious jewel would do. The combination of the coral against the greens is stunning and an unusual but successful colour combination. This stunning piece would be fantastic worn on any contrasting lapel to stand out as a neo-1960’s look. Check out rest of the collection for more great inspiration and super style ideas!   
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