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WhimZ Girls Brooches Blog April
Easter is a huge sign that Spring is here or is at least on it's way! We have all breathed a huge sigh of relief here in the UK as I am sure you have done also all over the world. It's been a long time coming but boy are we glad it is here. What better way to celebrate the coming of the shiny new season than with pretty flowers? Showing your love for all things natural is even more poignant for those living in the bigger crowded cities. It's a chance to wear a little piece of nature on your person everyday.
I personally adore anything floral and feminine, so as you can imagine love the collection of pieces at WhimZ Girl Brooches!  

Goldtone Pink Flower Brooch Accented With Pink Iridescent Rhinestones ( 2.5 In. )
SKU SOLB 1133  $15.00
It's big bold and most of all it's pink, I love this gigantic blooming rose brooch. It is so vibrant especially with the cluster of pink iridescent rhinestones in the middle of the flower. The two leaves and rose are crafted so beautifully that one has to take a second glance to realise that it's not a real life rose. Instead of a bunch of roses why not gift that special lady (or yourself) with a flower that will last forever? This essential brooch is one that I believe that all Whimz girls should have in their jewellery box.  

Goldtone Brooch accented with Amber Crystal and Multi Colour Rhinestones (3 in)
SKU SOLB594  $24.00
Want something a little on the unusual side when it comes to your floral jewellery? I love the glittering qualities found in this piece. Perhaps it is the gold tone or the hundreds of tiny rhinestones fixed onto the petals themselves that make it amazing?  The centre piece of the Amber crystal give this brooch the design a real magical feel. Wear it on your coats for the chilly days, be unusual with it and wear your flower brooch on your handbag to work. A lovely way to add elegance to a block colour handbag. You can also get this brooch design in a  silver tone version complete with a clear crystal.  

Red Floral "FAUX LEATHER" Brooch 4"
SKU SOLB462  $18.00
We at WhimZ Brooches love our alternative styled jewellery, we know that a good piece of jewellery can be a little on the quirky and unusual side too! For example we also have brooches made from leather. This adorable red flower brooch is made from the softest leather. The material gives the petals a great life-like quality. Again like the other floral brooches that I love at Whimz, here is a flower that will never die or fade out. It will always look as fresh as the day you first wore it. Wear on your collar or even in your hair if you are feeling very creative!
There are many more fabulous floral brooches for you to choose from on the Whimz Brooches website. 
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