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Goldtone Brooches
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Angel BroochAngel Brooch
"KISSING ANGELS" Accented in Brasstones 2 in
Angel BroochesAngel Brooches
Goldtone Angel Brooch Accented with Faux Pearls & Rhinestones 1 in
Angel BroochesAngel Brooches
Angel BroochesAngel Brooches
Angel Brooch Accented with Austrian Crystals in Goldtones 1.25 in
Angel BroochesAngel Brooches
Rhinestone Angel Brooch Accented in Goldtones 1.75 in
Angel BroochesAngel Brooches
Goldtone Angel Brooch Accented with Faux Pearls & Iridescent Rhinestones 2 in
AnimalAnimalGoldtone Owl Brooch With Clear & Iridescent Rhinestones Accented With Black Rhinestones
AnimalAnimalGoldtone Peacock Brooch With Amber & Iridescent Rhinestones Accented With A Green Rhinestone
AnimalAnimalGoldtone Peacock Brooch Accented With Multi-Color Rhinestones
AnimalAnimalGoldtone Owl Brooch With Aqua Blue & Teal Rhinestones Accented With Black Rhinestones
AnimalAnimalGoldtone Beetle Brooch With Red, Yellow, Iridescent & Black Rhinestones
Animal BroochAnimal BroochGoldtone Teaddy Bear Brooch Accented with Rhinestones (1 in)
Animal BroochAnimal BroochGoldtone Salamander Brooch accented with Blue Enamel and Rhinestones (3 x 1 in)
Animal BroochAnimal BroochGoldtone Owl Accented with Clear & Red Rhinestones
Animal BroochesAnimal BroochesAmber Irisdescent Rhinestone Elephant Accented in Goldtones
Animal BroochesAnimal BroochesGoldtone Elephant in White Enamel with Clear & Green Rhinestones
Animal BroochesAnimal BroochesGoldtone Bird Brooch Accented with Silver Enamel and Rhinestones (2 in)
Animal- BroochAnimal- BroochGoldtone Elephant Brooch With Clear Rhinestones & Accented With A Red Rhinestone
Goldtone Butterfly Brooch With Pink, Amber & Goldtone Rhinestones 3.75 in
Butterfly BroochButterfly Brooch
Goldtone Butterfly Brooch Accented with Clear Rhinestones 2.5 in
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Whimz Girl Broooches